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Introducing the newsletters that
help students succeed

and schools conduct more effective fundraising

School Share, LLC has two goals. 
First, to provide accurate, timely, and unbiased information and advice to high school students about:

  • Finding a rewarding career.
  • Finding a college that’s right for them.
  • Paying for college.
  • Succeeding in and after college.

To meet this goal, we produce two e-newsletters:
In each issue of the College Counselor, students and parents receive information about the types of activities they should be doing right then in order to make a successful transition to college.
Career Counselor is appropriate for any high school student, and even some middle schoolers. Each issue contains information about choosing a career, internships, and profiles of people in a variety of jobs and industries.

All newsletters are delivered by e-mail.
To see a sample of each newsletter, click on the covers to your right.

Our second goal is help high schools in their fundraising efforts. Half of the cost of a subscription is rebated directly to the high school. This method of fundraising means:

  • Students and families don’t have to sell things to
    friends and neighbors.
  • Not having to buy products that are probably not needed or a good value.
  • Each family only spends a minimal amount of money,
    but the school generates significant revenue.
  • Parents and students get information they truly need.
  • A large percentage of the school should be able
    and willing to participate.
  • The workload of guidance counselors will be eased,
    so the time they spend with each child will be more effective.
School Share's Goals

• Provide accurate, timely, and unbiased information and advice to students about the important topics of careers and colleges
• Help high schools in their fundraising efforts

College Counselor

College Councelor March Issue
The guide to getting into, paying for, and succeeding at college

Career Counselor

Career Councelor July Issue
The guide to exploring possibilities
and achieving success